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Summer Fair

The traditional end of the academic year at the Russian Educational Centre “Tsarskoye Selo” is our Summer Fair. Cheerful, noisy, fun, with entertainment and treats for all our young students! This year the Fair took place outside, in the grounds of the Centre. Children participated in a quest with exciting tasks to complete, clues to solve and treasure to find. The older and younger students worked in teams to overcome all obstacles and find the treasure chest together. A cake stand and book exchange also proved popular at the end of the Fair.

School Newspaper

By the end of the school year, our senior pupils (GCSE and A-level) published the 2nd issue of the "Peremena" newspaper. All copies were sold out in one day!

The students touched upon important topics: "We wanted to share our knowledge and observations of amazing natural phenomena in the school newspaper." Darina Langrudi and Anastasia Machula talked about the plight of bees and how we may help them thrive. Misha Gribov raised the issue of climate change. The topic of Alexey Ardakov's article is unusual: he interviewed a music teacher to find out how nature is reflected in a piece of music. Adel Suleimanova and Elizaveta Rogalskaya shared interesting facts about amazing monster plants and penicillin.

Work on the issue was carried out under the guidance of a journalism teacher Yulia Karpova. Funds from copies sold went to a charitable foundation "The Gift for Life".

New Year Celebration 2020

Trips and Excursions

Previous day trips and longer excursions have included:

  • ART-Voyage – a 4-day cultural and art trip to Moscow
  • Guided trip to the London National Portrait Gallery
  • Charity children’s show at Pushkin House in London
  • Autumn trip to the forest as part of the environment exploration semester theme
  • Russian Art Christmas Workshop at Christie’s auction house

We're hiring!

The Russian Educational Center "Tsarskoe Selo" invites an energetic and creative primary school teacher to join our team. We are looking for an experienced, responsible and passionate individual. A teaching diploma and work permit are required.