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If you would like to apply for a place for your child to study at the Tsarskoye Selo Russian Educational Centre, please complete the application form below. For general enquiries, please contact us.

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Our Policies


The school accepts students from 3-16 years old. Allocation to the classes is carried out in accordance with the level of knowledge of the Russian language. The minimum term of study is one semester, at least 12 academic days. We look forward to a serious attitude towards learning from both students and their parents. Absenteeism without good reason is discouraged. Students who have missed a semester or more are liable for tuition fees to allow readmission to their class. The outstanding fees are paid additionally at the rates of an individual lesson.

Tuition fees for the current semester are due no later than the specified date. In case of delay in payment for more than 10 banking days, the administration has the right to increase the cost of payment by 3%. In case of a one-time tuition fee for the entire academic year, a 3% discount is provided.

We request you notify us of any temporary or final termination of classes (main and/or additional activities booked) in advance (at least 2 weeks before the termination of classes). Otherwise, the administration has the right to the full payment for the next semester, regardless of the schedule of visits.

The minimum starter package of materials for training includes:

– Textbooks. They are the property of the Educational Centre and are issued subject to a deposit (£10 GBP) for the entire period of study.
– Individual manuals for homework, workbooks, disks. Supplied by parents.

The Education Center does not provide meals for students. We invite children to bring their own lunch box and a bottle of water. All children have the opportunity to have a snack during the second break between classes.

It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure that the child comes to class on time, cleanly and neatly dressed, with homework done. If a child misses classes, parents can contact the educational centre for materials to complete their homework. Parents are obliged to inform the staff of the Educational Centre if the child is to be dropped off or collected by third parties, to provide valid contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Parents are encouraged to attend the parent-teacher information sessions, open lessons, get acquainted with school correspondence, and take part in the children’s events. These general rules are an integral part of the Application. The signed Application for the child’s enrollment in the class confirms the parents’ consent to the above rules.

We're hiring!

The Russian Educational Center "Tsarskoe Selo" invites an energetic and creative primary school teacher to join our team. We are looking for an experienced, responsible and passionate individual. A teaching diploma and work permit are required.