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 Term Dates 2023-2024 

Autumn term: 10 September – 17 December (14 lessons)
Holiday (half term) – 22 October 
Spring term: 7 January – 24 March (11 lessons)
Holiday (half term) – 11 February
Summer term: 21 April – 14 July (11 lessons)
Holiday (half term) – 26 May

Clubs and Activities


Art, painting and illustration lessons for all ages with our resident artist
Art lessons for children include a variety of techniques and working with different materials. The teachers of our educational centre have developed an engaging training program that provides an opportunity to develop artistic skills and creative thinking in children from the age of 3.

The program for the younger groups of children aged 3-4 and 5-7 years is based on a step-by-step study of the basics of fine art. Drawing lessons for children provide an understanding of colour, shape, volume and composition. In simple and interesting exercises, each child is be able to express themselves and find their strengths.

The middle group program for children 8-11 years old is designed for a gradual acquaintance with the academic foundations of the visual arts:

Mastering various art materials
Study of the structure of an object, its location in space
Correct determination of proportions
Construction of single geometric shapes (cylinder, cube, ball)
Learning how to apply a stroke correctly, transfer volume
Construction of simple and complex still lifes with tone (in pencil)

For children 12-16 years old, we offer painting and drawing lessons in which the child can understand and feel the specifics of academic drawing, develop creativity and knowledge in different styles and directions of painting and drawing. The program of study includes the basics of painting, drawing, composition. Acquaintance with the technique of drawing, the peculiarities of working with various graphic materials (pencil, charcoal, sanguine, various image techniques - line, tonal spot, shading, shading. Children will get acquainted with the concepts of primary and additional colors, Mixing colors, color contrast, tone, color harmony.

Drawing is the main activity for the development of aesthetic senses, forms a positive attitude towards the world.
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Dance lessons for all ages and abilities with our award-winning professional ballroom and Latin dancer and qualified dance teacher
Welcome to the magical world of dance art!

By enrolling your child in ballroom dancing, you will give them not only an exciting lesson, but also the foundation for good physical health. Each age has its own characteristics and requirements for the teaching of dance.

Group for 3-4 year olds

This group is for our youngest dancers who are just mastering the basics of dance movement. A special program of educational dances and fun outdoor games has been prepared for them. In the classroom, the children learn to listen to music, understand rhythm, and, of course, discipline.

Group for 5-7 years olds

A program aimed not only at developing posture and coordination, but also at learning the basic principles of movement used in ballroom dancing. The children learn new dances and perform them first one at a time, and then in pairs.

Group for ages 8+

Boys and girls study the dances in the European ballroom dance program (Waltz, quickstep, tango, Viennese waltz, foxtrot) and the Latin American program (cha-cha-cha, samba, jive, rumba, paso doble). Individual coaching is available.

We are waiting for everyone in the ballroom dancing classes!
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Fun-filled logic-based classes for youngsters at the 7-plus level, support for students in the 11+, GCSE and A-Level examinations
The programme contains material, both entertaining and complementary, expanding the secondary school mathematics programme.

Our maths classes will help children to learn with joy and interest. They will develop:

- the ability to show independence and initiative

- desire to look for non-standard approaches to solving problems

- the ability to think strategically and overcome difficulties

- Ability to work in a team, respect the opinions of others and defend their own position

- the ability to cope with stressful situations in exams. our students successfully pass the 11+, 13+ and GCSE exams in mathematics
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All About Everything

General Knowledge club aiming to develop children's curiosity and broaden their general knowledge about our world
Welcome to an exciting club “all about everything!”

We continue to study the Russian language through exploration of the world around us. Interactive sessions introduce the topics of ecology, nature, zoology, astronomy, geography.

We encourage children to develop wide-ranging interests and build up their general knowledge through hands-on activities, experiments and group discussion.
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One of the oldest and most famous games, developing logical thinking, planning and strategy. All levels and abilities welcome!
Come and join our very popular chess club!

All ages 6+ and all abilities are welcome.

Classes are conducted in a friendly and positive atmosphere, with move-by-move tuition and friendly game matches.
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Music and Vocals

Music and singing lessons for all ages
Separate classes run for the infant school and more senior pupils. We cover vocal training, as well as musical instruments including piano and saxophone.
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Reading Club

A friendly book club for our young readers!
Reading for fun!

The the easiest way to make reading lessons enjoyable, "Chitaika" club with Margarita Zilberman.

After all, reading in itself is not a goal, it is a useful tool. We read a lot and willingly when we want to learn new things. Who doesn't want to read words and whole sentences to be the first to assemble a set of cards?

Each term, the club discovers a new book, with class discussions and activities surrounding the stories.
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Yoga for Tots

The principles of yoga delivered in a fun and friendly way for our youngest pupils
Yoga classes for the children in our infant school/kindergarten section.

We teach movement, balance and co-ordination in a fun and playful environment.
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Class Resources

Here you will find class resources for download. Please note, you will only be able to access the resources from your child’s class.


We're hiring!

The Russian Educational Center "Tsarskoe Selo" invites an energetic and creative primary school teacher to join our team. We are looking for an experienced, responsible and passionate individual. A teaching diploma and work permit are required.