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A Russian language school welcoming children and young people from west London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire

We strive for excellence and inclusivity and aim to give children an appreciation for Russian language education, culture and traditions. We have a vibrant community with formal UK examinations support, curriculum learning on a par with the Russian national language curriculum and many extra-curricular activities!

Head Teacher's Welcome

Dear parents, students and guests of our website,

For more than five years, every Sunday morning, the Educational Centre "Tsarskoe Selo" has been opening its doors to its students. For a child, school is not just a place to get an education. This is a world of unexpected discoveries, communication with peers, creative games and hobbies. And for us teachers, school is not just a job. This is the vocation we live by.

Every teacher at our school strives to prepare children for life in a modern, open information society, to bring up good people who value friendship, who know how to take care of loved ones. For this, it is important not only to impart excellent knowledge, but also to love, understand and respect the personality of each child.

Thanks to the hard work of the entire team, the Russian Educational centre «Tsarskoe Selo» continues to grow and develop. We strive to create all the necessary conditions for learning; the study rooms of the Centre are equipped with interactive whiteboards, books and textbooks. We have a sports ground and an assembly hall for the children. The extracurricular life of the school is also rich, with many clubs and activities, in which most of our students take part.

At present, 68 pupils are enrolled in the school and former parents and students often refer their friends and younger siblings to us, for them to profit from the broad and modern education. Every year our senior students sit Russian language state examinations at GCSE and A-Level and often achieve maximum examination scores. Graduates from the Centre enter the best schools and universities in England.

We really aspire for the education within the walls of our Educational Centre to become a launching pad for future achievements of children, and we believe that every child has an area where he can prove themselves better than others. All children are endowed with talents, and our main mission is to identify strengths that will help to bring out the child's abilities! A good education is the key to future success.

Welcome to our website. We hope to see you soon in the future!

Yours faithfully, Larisa Crighin


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We're hiring!

The Russian Educational Center "Tsarskoe Selo" invites an energetic and creative primary school teacher to join our team. We are looking for an experienced, responsible and passionate individual. A teaching diploma and work permit are required.