"Tsarskoye Selo" Educational Centre

A Russian language school welcoming children and young people from west London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire

We strive for excellence and inclusivity and aim to give children an appreciation for Russian language education, culture and traditions. We have a vibrant community with formal UK examinations support, curriculum learning on a par with the Russian national language curriculum and many extra-curricular activities!

Our Aims

The main goal of our Educational Centre is to give children the knowledge that they have every right to acquire. The Russian language has the potential to greatly help in future careers and to open doors. It will give you the advantage of belonging to at least two cultures, and for the more pragmatic, it will simply help to pass the GCSE examination. This is an investment in the child’s future, on a par with private school tuition and tutoring for 11+ years. In the Russian Educational Centre “Tsarskoe Selo”, you will find:

  • Professional tutoring of children in Russian language and literature
  • Development of knowledge about Russian culture and history, Russian classics of literature, painting, music
  • Awakening and maintaining interest in each child in learning Russian

Our Classes

Preschool education
Children from 2 to 3.5 years old
In the lesson, children expand their horizons and increase vocabulary in a playful way. Special attention at the lesson is paid to the development of speech of babies, fine motor skills, coordination of movement. Children sculpt from plasticine, draw, glue, sing and dance.

Middle group
Children 4-5 years old
The training program includes:
– speech development; basics of correct speech, expansion of vocabulary, basic knowledge of sounds, syllables and sentences. Retelling of simple texts.
– acquaintance with fiction (reading fairy tales and stories, names of the authors)
– acquaintance with elementary mathematical concepts
– drawing, dancing

Secondary school
From the age of 7, children attend secondary school.

In the classroom, children begin to work with textbooks, get acquainted with classical works of Russian and foreign literature, analyze texts, acquire research skills, and develop the ability to think critically. The program includes lessons of Culture, where children are introduced to the cultural achievements of different eras, countries and peoples.

Online Lessons

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our Centre switched to online learning mode to continue delivering educational content to our students. We continue to offer online lessons to senior students and ad hoc online sessions to all age groups if required.

Our Teachers

 All teachers of our Centre are Russian-speaking high-class professionals with extensive experience in educational institutions in the UK (over 10 years). We are very attentive to the selection of the teaching staff. Our team consists of excellent specialists specialising in pre-school education, proficient in the “Russian as a foreign language” method for bi-linguals, certified tutors in preparation for the delivery of GSCE and A-levels (Russian, mathematics).

Clubs and Activities

We offer many extra-curricular clubs and activities:




All About Everything – General knowledge society

We undertake day trips and longer excursions, both in the UK and abroad. Have a look at our past events!

GCSE & A-Levels

If you want to prepare well for the state exams at GCSE and A-level in Russian – come to “Tsarskoe Selo”!

Our lessons are engaging and informative. We can provide individualised tuition to students and support them through the process of applying, preparing for and successfully sitting examinations.

All students undergoing training at our school have received the highest score in the examinations!

Our recent article in the Zima magazine talks about A-level and GCSE examinations. We discuss:

👉 important dates and examination procedures
👉where and how to prepare for the examinations and can one do it without support
👉what to look for in a Russian tutor

Private Tuition

Private lessons are one of the most effective ways to learn a language if you need to work on specific aspects. One-to-one training allows you to effectively address the needs and requests of an individual student.

All of the teacher’s attention in the lessons will be focused only on your child. The teacher will be able to monitor progress in learning Russian and pay attention to weak points.

An individual training program is tailored to your goals and objectives, and is based on the child’s current level of Russian language.

We are able to arrange individual lessons both at the school base and at your home. For older children, we can offer online classes. Please contact us for more details.

We're hiring!

The Russian Educational Center "Tsarskoe Selo" invites an energetic and creative primary school teacher to join our team. We are looking for an experienced, responsible and passionate individual. A teaching diploma and work permit are required.